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The technology was first used by Channel 4 during a Test match between England and Pakistan on Lord's Cricket Ground, on .

It is used primarily by the majority of television networks to track the trajectory of balls in flight.

In each frame sent from each camera, the system identifies the group of pixels which corresponds to the image of the ball.

It then calculates for each frame the 3D position of the ball by comparing its position on at least two of the physically separate cameras at the same instant in time.

The video from the six cameras is then triangulated and combined to create a three-dimensional representation of the ball's trajectory.At the end of an over, all six deliveries are often shown simultaneously to show a bowler's variations, such as slower deliveries, bouncers and leg-cutters.A complete record of a bowler can also be shown over the course of a match.Paul Hawkins and David Sherry submitted a patent for the United Kingdom but withdrew their request.All of the technology and intellectual property was spun off into a separated company, Hawk-Eye Innovations Ltd, based in Winchester, Hampshire.

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According to Hawk-Eye's website, the system produces much more data than that shown on television, which could be easily shown on the internet.

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